Will Business Gifts Replace The Bonus?


The word “bonus” has become something of a dirty word recently, with banks and large corporations attracting the headlines for paying their staff large sums of money despite the financial crisis. The eyes of the media are now fixed on these companies and every financial decision is being scrutinised for perceived fairness.
Even smaller companies are having their own bonus issues but in a rather different way. Those businesses who have survived the recession but who still might be struggling may not be in a position to pay their staff bonuses even though they might deserve them now more than ever.
It is a difficult time for companies who are looking to reward their staff and with Christmas just around the corner, many managers will be scratching their heads and wondering how to show their gratitude to their employees.
With the bonus culture seemingly going through a rocky patch, business gifts are expected to play a larger role than ever this Christmas. Business gifts can offer companies who for one reason or another will not be offering bonuses an effective way of rewarding staff, offering quality personalised gifts for the fraction of the cost of large scale bonuses. They also offer the recipient the unique feeling of receiving a wrapped present which can have a great affect on staff morale.
Employees may well be disappointed at not receiving a cash bonus but those who know about the financial situation will understand the need for their company to be more careful with their cash. Business gifts offer these companies the chance to give staff a much needed reward and incentive and will help the team to celebrate the festive period without breaking the bank.
In situations where every bonus payment is being scrutinised, business gifts can also provide a less controversial way of praising staff. Premium gifts can provide a rewarding alternative to bonuses and give companies the opportunity to recognise the employees who have flourished during these testing times.
If bonuses may prove a problem this Christmas, consider using business gifts to show your appreciation to staff and customers.

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