Why you should wear silk (if you’re not already)


Silk has unquestionably risen to the top of the list of the greatest textiles to wear. This beautiful fabric has a 6000-year history and was once exclusively available to the wealthy and noblemen. These days, silk is significantly more accessible to those of us who aren’t of blue blood, and aside from looking lovely, it has plenty of benefits and reasons why you should incorporate it into your wardrobe if you haven’t already.

To start with, as we’ve already mentioned, silk is a stunning fabric- its luxurious shine and delicate touch can’t be mistaken for anything else. Silk can be worn by both men and women and it always makes an outfit look more expensive, posh, and stylish. For men, accessories such as silk ties, scarves, and suit handkerchiefs add a touch of elegance and charm, immediately elevating their looks and drawing attention to the details. For ladies, a silk dress or blouse, especially in such colors as golden, white, and pink, make a perfect element for an outfit for almost every occasion. Although monochrome silk pieces look great, this fabric looks even better when combined with patterns and designs that show off its true potential, for example some mythical elements of a Celtic silk scarf. A beautiful vintage Celtic scarf made of 100% silk will not only look expensive and unique, but also feel great to the skin.

Apart from being beautiful, silk has plenty of benefits for your health and appearance. First of all, since it is a natural fabric produced by the silkworms, it has hypoallergenic properties, making it suitable for skin types and especially good for children, people with sensitive skin, and those who suffer from allergies. Studies have shown that silk can be worn by people with the worst types of skin allergies, and it even helps those who suffer from eczema or asthma. In fact, the structure of the fabric is so dense that dust literally cannot accumulate on the surface of silk, which makes it perfect for those who are sensitive to such things. Furthermore, silk has the ability to absorb moisture, preventing dampness in your garments or accessories, which is the ideal environment for bacteria and fungal illnesses. As a result, when you buy silk apparel, you’re investing not only in your appearance, but also in your health and overall well-being.

Lastly, ever since its beginnings silk has been renowned for being used by noble women to keep them youthful and attractive. Although it may sound like a myth, silk has been scientifically proven to slow down the aging process and improve the appearance and health of your skin and hair. If you make it a habit to sleep with a silk pillowcase, wear a silk pajama, an eye mask, or even scrunchies, you’ll notice a difference in the way you look after a while: your hair won’t frizz and break out as much, your eyelashes and eyebrows will look better and won’t fall out how they used to, and the fine wrinkles on your face will become finer and less noticeable. So not only it is beautiful, but silk also benefits our health and sleep, making it a fabric well worth the price.

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