Tips for Women – How to Be Safe at Parties


Attending a party can be productive. For example, it’s a great way to relieve stress. If you’re a little stressed-out because of the week’s work, you can attend a party on Friday night and party your stress away. However, things can change from good to bad in just a few seconds if you’re not careful. You have to know that there are a lot of people preying on women in these parties.
This is not to say that you have to stop attending parties altogether, but you need to learn how to stay safe at parties. Here are some tips for women like you on how to be safe at parties:
A� Choose a party wisely.
It’s best to avoid attending a party with people that you don’t really know. In addition, make sure to do a thorough scan of what’s happening as soon as you arrive. If you can see that the party is on its way of getting out of hand, get out of there.
A� Be careful with talking to random people.
Sure, the idea of a party is to socialize. You just need to be careful and to be vigilant when talking to random people. If he’s already drunk, then it’s best to stay away. However, a lot of predators and criminal like to stay sober so they can be in control so be careful.
A� Adopt a buddy system.
Go to a party with a friend and adopt a buddy system. Don’t leave each other’s side. At the very least, make sure that you know where each other is. If someone tries to take you against your will, your buddy will immediately notice. In addition, shouting for help works as well.
A� Get your own drinks.
Get your own drinks and avoid accepting random drinks from friends or strangers. You wouldn’t know if they spiked them or not until it’s too late so it’s best to avoid that potentially dangerous situation.
A� Have a self-defense gadget in your bag or pocket.
You can quickly get out of any sticky situation with the help of a self-defense gadget like a pepper spray or stun gun. If shouting for help is not an option, spray your attacker’s eyes with pepper spray and quickly get out of that party.
A� Know self-defense moves.
There are a lot of effective self-defense moves that you can easily learn. Have a few of these moves in your arsenal and you can help defend yourself.
Make sure to follow these tips and you can be safe at parties. Remember, common sense helps a lot as well!

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