Tips for Maximizing Online Business From Home


The impact of the Covid-19 or Corona virus really makes people forced to be at home.  It is clear that people are forced to implement online as a daily activity. Likewise with MSME businesses. Basically, many MSME business people are already technology literate. It’s just that there are still many who have not been moved to expand into the online world. 

This will certainly be used by those who have internet access to find opportunities and make money. Especially when you first work from home echoed.

Business Trends From Home

Tips for Maximizing Online Business From Home

Long before the outbreak of Corona, many people had run businesses from home. Doing business from home also has many business variations and shapes, the culprit is also diverse. From housewives, students, students, to employees who want to earn a side income outside their main job.

And over time, not a few people who decide business from home as their main job. Of course it takes more courage to get started. In addition to courage and determination, it is also important to take into account everything.

It’s true, having your own business and then being able to grow is fun. Before achieving success, a businessman must be prepared to get sick first. And at some point, the pain when starting a business will be delicious when achieving success. Not everyone who has an interest in business is ready to feel the process. Because people have a tendency to see the end result, not the process.

Especially at this time. The benefits of the internet, social media, and the formation of the digital marketing ecosystem are very beneficial for MSME businesses, which include home-based businesses as part of them.

MSME Trends in Europe

Little One Has a Big Role. That is how economists call MSMEs. How not, most business people in Europe are micro, small and medium entrepreneurs. Whereas there is only a large percentage of business operators. No wonder economists believe that MSMEs are also the backbone of the national economy. This was proven one of them when the world was hit by the crisis in 2008. The MSME sector kept Europe economic growth positive.

The Role of Information Technology in SMEs

Can not help but the development of MSME in Europe can not be separated from the role of information technology. The SME entrepreneurs are now no longer awkward to rely on information technology products to develop their business. Starting from the use of social media like Facebook and Instagram, the WhatsApp messaging application, to the use of the website.

More and more MSME entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of websites for their business. With a website, MSME entrepreneurs can expand the reach of their businesses. If previously it was only limited to one place or region, it is not impossible, with a website that can expand customers to foreign countries. Despite realizing the importance of the website, I still hesitate to have a website.

Of course this also impedes the Go Digital UMKM program which is currently being echoed by the government. To note, the government through the Ministry of Communication and Information is encouraging MSME entrepreneurs or those who do business from home to go online.

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