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The User Manual for the Human Being

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I confess I have a bad habit. When I get a new gadget I eagerly open the box and quickly separate the packing material from the product. There are frequently uninteresting extras with titles like read me first, start here, instructions and guarantee mixed in with the packing material, but that doesn’t slow me down. I quickly set all the extras aside and look for the power cord, the on/off button and eagerly start using my new gadget.
My way is quick and can provide immediate gratification. Sometimes it appears to work, only reinforcing my bad habit. Sadly, sooner or later, my gadget stops working properly or I cannot figure out how to get it to do something important. First I have to ask myself where I put the user manual? What were the details of that guarantee? How do I get support? How humiliating is that?
In my house …