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What is iPhone Accidental Damage Insurance?

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iPhone accidental damage insurance often forms part of the cover provided by a gadget insurance policy. There are a number of gadget insurance policies available that can help protect your iPhone against accidental damage and which may also include cover for other hazards, such as theft and breakage of your phone outside the manufacturers warranty period.
What might the policy typically cover?
As the name of the policy suggests, iPhone accidental damage insurance provides you with financial protection against the possibility of damaging your iPhone accidentally. iPhones are, like other small gadgets, often vulnerable to accidents. For instance, you may:
A� drop the phone onto a surface from your hand and it shatters;
A� drop it into a sink/bath full of water or even the toilet bowl;
A� damage it if you drop something on top of it;
A� knock it onto the floor from your desk or chair.
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