Sony X-Series Walkman – Greatest Gadget For Music Lovers


The Sony X-Series Walkman is the perfect gadget for all you music lovers. Sony has always managed to provide its customers with amplified sound whilst maintaining high quality. It’s loud but it’s not noise. According to the specifications provided by the company it is in our understanding that it offers plenty of features to excite your senses. We are talking about a touchscreen display, wi-fi connectivity, internet browsing, YouTube application and even podcast direct downloading. Are you ecstatic yet? Wait, there is more.
So, the Sony X-series Walkman comes with a 3-inch wide OLED touchscreen which adds to its charm and makes it a brilliant substitute for an iPod touch. The screen is big enough for you to enjoy viewing your favorite song’s video or simply taking advantage of the YouTube application which the device has to offer. Moving onto other software functions of this gadget we note that there is a Slacker Radio application; this allows the user to conveniently add music playing on the radio to their playlists. The users also have the option of choosing three different music stations to add music from. This is most definitely something to look forward to. This feature can be used with the wi-fi connectivity offered by the spectacular gadget and did we forget to mention that the connection does not have to be constant. Every time the music station content is refreshed, the latest songs are stored.
The musical experience is also augmented with S-Master digital amplifier integration and the use various audio methods to ensure clarity. Hence, you don’t have to worry about sound quality at all. Also, the device supports formats such as WAV, MP3, AAC and WMA. The best part of the whole package is the fact that with the help of the restructured Content Transfer Application, you can now automatically transcode video formats in to those which are supported by the device. This is a very powerful tool and extremely useful and convenient for users as well.
Furthermore, as discussed earlier, the Sony X-series Walkman does not limit itself to audio only but the touchscreen and 3-inch OLED display are perfectly suitable for watching videos. You can download videos from your PC, through internet browsing using wi-fi or with the YouTube Application. If the video downloaded is of a format which is not supported by the device then you can easily solve this problem with the Content Transfer Application.
As you can see for yourself, the device is absolutely brilliant and even the design is modern, classy yet fun. Even with the touchscreen, Sony has managed to make it look like a Walkman rather than a phone. Something Apple has not been able to achieve with the iPod Touch which looks exactly like an iPhone except for the size. This innovation by Sony is definitely the next contender; it aims to become tough competition for the iPod touch and it seems it is flawlessly well equipped and suitable for the task at hand.

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