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A dog has been rescued from a good spot by Queensland firefighters armed with a bottle of olive oil and lots of persistence. Two people are in hospital after they have been mauled so badly in a canine attack Pets News they needed surgical procedure. Meals for Mutts, the manufacturer of a ‘super premium’ pet food model has issued a warning and an apology for dog food containing mould bought across Australia.

  • Remember, the finest way to guard your pets is to keep them away from different pets or anybody presumed to have the virus.
  • The RSPCA has mentioned the variety of deserted pets in England and Wales is up 25% in comparison with the earlier yr.
  • Add some unique excitement to your aquarium with a saltwater sea animal like an octopus.
  • From meals to toys and every little thing in between, humans bathe their furry, scaly, feathery friends with journeys to the groomer, daycare, and extra, so as to improve their well-being.
  • Veterinary Practice News is geared towards veterinarians and reaches about fifty seven,000 vet-care professionals.

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