Thanks to the popularity of gadgets, there has been an increasing number of gadgets released in the last few years. From little machines to trim our beards to little portable LCD or TFT TV’s. TV has been one of the most popular mediums of entertainment. Everybody has a TV, it has become a household name and is consider strange if not owned.
But the TV is just in the house and way too big to move often. So technology came around and supplied us with the answer. A portable TV. Small enough to carry yet big enough to watch with ease.
When I was first looking to buy one of these electronic wonders I was very concerned that the quality was going to be very bad. I am glad to say that I was really pleasantly surprised. The LCD and TFT screen that most of these screen have has exceptional good quality. Because it is small it look extra good for some reason.
Some of these small screens even come with a DVD player making it easy to watch any movie anywhere. This is one of my favorite features as I love watching movies throughout the day while doing work, I just carry the TV around the house with me.
Not all the screens are LCD some are TFT but I personally prefer a LCD even if it sometimes costs a little more.
Luckily these little portable TVs have increased in popularity, this means that the price has dropped a lot and it is more affordable than ever to buy one of these portable TV’s.
This has also triggered lots of new brands to come forward and create these little TV’s. Just be sure that the one you end up buying has a guarantee. Some of the smaller brands don’t offer this or if they do sometimes they don’t live up to their promises.

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