How to Secure Shopping and Transactions Via Online


The rapid development of technology has indeed made many changes in people’s lives today. The more advanced technology makes people now like things that are instant, easy, and fast. One of them that is often done by most people now is shopping online. Currently shopping via online is continuing to grow from time to time.

The method is easy, simple , even at a lower price than conventional shops that have become a separate choice for people who shop online. But even so, shopping online also has security risks that must be considered. So that these risks can be minimized and make online shopping still safe and comfortable. Well, here is a safe way to shop and do transactions online.

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1. Use a Trusted Online Shopping Site

The first and fundamental thing that must be considered the most when shopping online is to use an online shopping site that is already trusted. Online shopping sites that are already trusted, of course, are already equipped with applications that have guaranteed security.

So that makes consumers feel more comfortable and safe when shopping. With a big name, of course these sites will provide security guarantees for consumers.

2. Choose the Seller who has the best reputation

After that, look for the seller with the best reputation. Sometimes even though shopping at the biggest online sites that implement a marketplace system, there are still unprofessional sellers. So of course it will harm later. For that, be sure to choose the best seller that is already recommended and has a pretty good reputation.

To find this information is actually very easy, usually on the online sites of sellers with the best reputation can be seen from the stars or a certain value. The higher the star or seller value, the more trusted the seller will be. But if you shop online via social media , you can see it from the testimonies of previous consumers.

3. Use a Joint Account

In shopping online, using a joint account is the safest way so that online transactions can be carried out safely and comfortably and avoid the risk of fraud.

This joint account system, the money transferred will not reach the seller if the item has not arrived at you. The new seller can get the money when it has confirmed the success of the online transactions made.

But on the contrary if the goods do not come to you or experience orders that are not appropriate, then the money that has been transferred can return to you. Usually the application of the joint account system is already used by large online shopping sites.

Can also use a credit card as a secure payment instrument. Many people choose to use a credit card because it feels safe, this is because you can cancel the transaction if the product is not sent or is not in accordance with the order.

Don’t Forget to Save Proof of Transaction

The most important thing in online transactions is do not forget to save all the evidence of the transaction. In addition, do not forget to keep detailed information related to the transaction of what goods are purchased as well as possible.

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