How Gadgets Kill Your Imagination?


Between your first few breaths till this moment, there has been a lot which has changed during this timeline. If you ate mashed bananas as an infant, your children would have some super-refined baby food today. But is that the only difference between then and now?
There has been an inflow of highly complicated gadgets, which have replaced a lot of strenuous efforts in a common mans lives. For instance, consider a lawn mowing machine. The sun never stopped to rise each day, the grass never stopped from growing. The traditional way of getting a smooth lawn was through hard work and labor. It took from few hours to few days, depending upon the area, for one to get a lush, green and well-trimmed lawn. All that time was reduced to a few minutes, when the first lawn mower came into existence in the year 1882.
We cannot deny how the advent of technology has made our lives simple. But, behind these facts there is also a side which is less talked about. Gadgets have advanced to a level, such that, they have reduced in size and reached our palm tops. With the slide of a finger, you can do quite a lot now. The question that remains unanswered is, are we so dependent on them, that we have lost our true-selves?
Indeed, yes. Take a simple situation. It is time for bed, and you have completed a tiring day at work. And when you lie down, the natural instinct these days is, to pick up your phone and fumble with its applications. Or you would decide on a music player and plug-in music that helps you to sleep. In another case, you might also select a game on a gaming gadget till your eyelids are too heavy to stay open. And ultimately, you dose-off with the gadget in your hand.
What happened to the ancient way of sleeping? It’s not too old when, people did sleep while staring at the ceiling or playing with their shadows. Differently, some chose to listen to a story or interacting with a family member, before they slipped into slumber. It was that simple.
When a sheep is allowed to go beyond the routine pastures, it finds a newer and better place which has been unexplored so far. Replace the sheep with your mind, routine pastures with your life filled with gadgets, and newer places with imagination. Likewise, when your mind is allowed to go beyond your routine gadget-full life, it will find imaginative ideas which are bigger and better.
It should not be forgotten that great discoveries came from idleness. So if it was the Newton’s apple which discovered gravity, had it been possible if he was busy on a smart-phone then?
It is very important to allow your life to break-free from a cluttered schedule to the one which is simple and easy.
If you have worked hard enough, it is time to resume idleness and let your mind some free-space to grow and develop as an entity.
There is a great potential within each living being still, on this advanced planet. Some explore it by bringing attentive emptiness in their life, while others let it go waste by leaving no time for their minds to grow. Which kind of person are you?

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