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Often when people are trying to change something in their appearance, they become very enthusiastic. Unfortunately, the Internet, TV and fitness magazines are full of ads of gadgets and fitness devices. People are spending money in the hope that these devices have some mysterious powers to built their bodies quickly and effortlessly. Others are willing to work hard, but believe that some device has an advantage over other types of exercise.
These are the devices that are sold with a quick sale techniques, are promising to give incredible results, and use a cliche-ridden gaudy ads. These ads often refers to some kind of new scientific studies that favors the device, unfortunately the companies rarely bother to put even fine-printed reference to those studies. Gadgets are usually also characterized by low quality and very poor customer service. But the main problem is that these devices complicate usual exercises and largely reduces their effectiveness. For example, why you should ‘pump’ some strange looking device to exercise your pectoral muscles, where you could perform bench presses or even push ups. If the device is not popular among fitness professionals (I am not talking about endorsers), it is usually for a reason. The device is simply not worth the money.
Approved equipment.
Unfortunately, all the popular and recognized machines do not guarantee you the most effective exercising. For example, the original Pec Dec has been a risky device because many guys have injured their shoulders. Problem is that this device puts your arms in angle that under heavy resistance might injure your shoulder. Then there is equipment that has no obvious risk associated with it, but still is dangerous for beginners. They sometimes damage their joints when working against too high resistance that they would not be able to lift as free weights.
Body weight exercises and simple exercises with dumbbells or barbells are generally safer to humans, since they do not force you into unnatural angles and positions. Some people are making good progress with the resistance bands.
No matter what is your favorite training method always be careful with your joints. Joint injuries tend to interfere with in our daily lives, but correct exercising improves appearance, increases strength and mobility, and even reduces consequences of old traumas.

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