Cool Gadgets Shopper – Which MP4 Player Do I Need?


If you have heard of an MP3 player, you have to be aware that the MP4 player is the new breed of music players that is circulating the market. The upgradation of MP3 to MP4 has caused quite a stir in the market as well as among music lovers. If you look at both the players, you’re not going to see much of a difference in their construction. Yet, the MP4 player is so much cooler and better than its predecessor. You might be content with an MP3 today, but tomorrow you might come across an MP4 which offers a plethora of features at $10 extra. While it can be a hard choice when you’re making the purchase, it’s time you know why the MP4 player is better and costs only a little extra.
* MP3 players make it hard for you to select songs from a long list while you get a large LCD screen in MP4 players eliminating the need to press the “next” button over and over again.
* Most MP4 players come with a bigger screen that enables you to watch videos that just comes with a small monochrome LCD.
* When was the last time you tried playing a.wav file on your MP3 player? Well, you can’t. The whole gamut of music files is supported by MP4 players along with a few picture and video file types.
* In case you want to take long trips, it would be better for you to trust the polymer battery of the MP4 media players rather than trusting the normal alkaline batteries of MP3 players.
* The price shouldn’t stop you from going in for an MP4 media player because at an extra 5 to 10 dollars, you get to make use of its extended features.
* The headsets that come with the MP4 players are in every way better than those that come with the MP3 players; so if you’re a music-lover, it would be better if you got an MP4 player.
If you want to go in for an MP4 media player, you better know the different types and the price range for each of them. The smallest players either have a small screen or no screen at all. They are not much different in looks from the MP3 players except that they have more sophisticated features. You still would be benefitted by the few extra dollars you spend to get an MP4 player instead of its predecessor. They play all music file formats while delivering the output on a better headset. The midsize players definitely have a screen which you can use to watch videos and pictures, and are about the same size as a phone. You can use the midsize players for just about anything – play music, watch videos if you don’t mind watching it on a smaller screen, and browse through pictures. The larger music players have a bigger screen and can even be used for Internet while their specifications are limited only by technology. There are models which feature a touch screen, a camera, and different third-party applications along with games, Wi-Fi connectivity and more.
It can be really hard to make a decision the MP4 player model that you want. It all depends on what you need it for. A cross-analysis of what the player provides versus your requirements would be perfect to find out what type of player would suit you best. If you’re a jogger or a runner or if you hit the gym all the time, you might have fun just with a small player – the ones which you don’t feel in your pocket and you don’t have to be too careful about. If you’re just looking to get your first MP4 person, you can go in for a small player because they don’t cost too much and they give you amazing features that your MP3 cannot. It’d be a good transition.
If you have to travel a bit and are likely to get bored of songs, you might want to consider the cool gadgets such as medium-sized players that allow you to watch videos too. They have a larger memory space than the smaller players and allow you to store movies and songs. Regular commuters find it useful on their short travel trips though it is not entirely suitable for gyms and jogging in the park. There are no set requirements for you to get the larger player. The large storage space and the multitude of features in this player require you to have a slightly larger wallet if you want to be able to afford this player. If your job requires you to travel extensively, you might find that larger MP4 players are a good companion – they let you watch movies, browse the Internet and do a lot more things.
The primary consideration of an MP4 would be the storage space followed by the features it has. The more memory your player has, the more songs and videos you can store in your player. While listening to music in the gym does not require a player with more than 2 or 4 GB of space, regular commuters would find that they are not really satisfied with that. With 8 GB, you can have about four movies and about a thousand songs, which is amazing. For movie-lovers however, a 16 GB player would also be less than sufficient while a 32 GB player would score for sure.
You’ll have to be aware of the cost of these players to decide which one your wallet would allow you to purchase. The small players cost you anywhere between $25 and $100, while the medium players would cost you around $125. The larger players are completely worth the money and are priced at around $300. This is the typical market analysis, and before you ask, NO, we don’t mean just iPods. In fact, they are too expensive and have a plethora of limitations. First of all, they are overpriced – Apple makes them that way, yet they have a lot of buyers. The sound quality of iPods is not the best that you can find in the market; they use a complex application called iTunes, which makes your job of selecting songs so much harder. If you want to replace the battery yourself and have complete control of your player, iPods are not a good choice.
If not iPods, then what? There are a lot of MP4 media players in the market other than iPods, but most of which you’ll find exist around the same price range as an iPod. When you see the label “Made in China”, do you not think the Chinese would harness their own potential in creating products? The Chinese players are just about as cheap as MP4 players come. They have batteries which you can replace yourself and they don’t need any software application to copy and play songs. They have an amazing sound quality; some of them even have speakers. The nearest China Shoppe should have these players or if you’re keen on being delivered authentic products, the Internet would be the best way to locate them.

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