Best activities ideas for this year’s Father’s day


Ran out of ideas for this year’s father’s day? Want to impress your father by doing something meaningful that would make his day special? Here are a few activities you could plan for the 19th of June!

Host a barbecue party

Nothing screams father’s day more than having a barbeque with the whole family in the backyard. Prepare everything beforehand, like season the meat for the grill, make the salads and any other dishes, decorations, or utensils you might need. You can make the day even more interesting by organizing activities such as build-your-own –burger.  Just don’t let your father do all the work as it usually happens, as it is his day though.

Organize a photo shoot

For most people, it is well-known that fathers don’t really like to take photos, but they very much enjoy looking at them, especially the ones with their kids, friends, or closest people in their lives. This is why this year you might want to consider organizing a family photo shoot. You can do that by hiring a professional photographer and going into a special studio or you can simply invite one of your talented friends or relatives and take the photos in an intimate environment such as your house. These photos are guaranteed to bring your father joy for many years to come.

Go (online) shopping

Most fathers act like going shopping is a nightmare for them, and while it might be true for some of them, there are lots of fathers who really know a thing or two about fashion and would like to go for a shopping spree. However, if your father doesn’t like spending time in malls, online stores are always an option. For example, he can get a great woolen sweater from Tara Irish Clothing that will keep him warm when the temperature drops and he will have it delivered right to his door without having to spend hours while looking for the right pullover.

Have a city break

When was the last time you went on a vacation together, as a family? If you can’t even remember the answer, it is time to take a long weekend off, to pack your bags and to go somewhere nice. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive trip to a far-away resort and it can be as simple as a weekend city break to your favorite spot, a cabin in the middle of the woods, a beach, or any other place that your family members have a deep emotional connection to. Such a getaway together with his most beloved people in the world would surely please your old man.

Go hiking

A wonderful idea for that hot summer day would be to go hiking or at least camping somewhere away from the noisy, bustling cities. Apart from having numerous benefits for physical health such as lowering the risks of heart diseases, building strength, and improving the blood pressure level, hiking is also a wonderful activity for a family, as it brings people closer and can even act like a sort of therapy. Look for natural areas around you if there are small kids in your family, you can even create a special theme for the hiking that would make them excited, like collecting pine cones or flowers.

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