10 Tips for Buying Smartphone Online


In this technological era, we can buy anything online. Shopping online can save energy, time, and money. Everything can purchase through online shopping sites.

Although it’s been a lot of mobile phone sellers online who take advantage of the marketplace, nonetheless there are buyers who are cheated when buying Smartphone online. So that you are not deceived when buying a Smartphone online, see the tips for safely buying a Smartphone online.

1. Know the Type of Smartphone Desired

Before choosing an online Smartphone seller, you should first know the type of Smartphone you want to buy. After knowing the type of Smartphone you want, make observations to find a seller who provides the type of Smartphone you want.

Next, do a price comparison from one seller to another. As a consumer, of course, you want the Smartphone at the cheapest price. So, there’s nothing wrong if you make a comparison between several different online Smartphone sellers.

2. Choose a Trusted Seller

The most important part when it comes to buying Smartphone online is choosing a trusted seller. The quality of the seller does determine the merchandise. So , this is the time for you to choose the seller yourself that you want to stop by.

Today, you can choose a seller based on previous buyer reviews. One of the trusted places to shop for smartphones online is Earphone. To convince you before buying, first, check the reviews of buyers who have experience with Smartphone 

3. Make Sure the online shop is secure

In buying a Smartphone online, the aspect you need to pay attention to is not only the reputation of the seller but also the security of the online shop itself. Seller’s website security will guarantee your transaction.

For example, when you pay for the Smartphone that you bought with a credit card, then you have to fill in some credit card data on the Smartphone seller’s website. 

4. Make a Price Comparison

Buyers certainly want lower prices for goods, including ourselves when they want to buy a new Smartphone. Therefore, make a price comparison from one seller to another.

As consumers, of course we crave a cheap purchase price. However, if the price offered is too cheap you should be suspicious. Choose a Smartphone whose price is in the average range, don’t be tempted by buying a Smartphone that is very cheap from the market so that you don’t get disappointed.

5. Check the Description of the Goods Listed

Before paying for the selected Smartphone, it would be nice if you read the description of the item first. This description usually provides information about the Smartphone specifications, delivery method, to the completeness that will be received by the buyer.

Reading the item description is a very important point in order to avoid miscommunication with the seller. In addition, you can also find out the advantages and disadvantages of that Smartphone through its specifications so that you can still change options if the specifications are not what you want.

6. Make sure the Smartphone has an official warranty

Most ordinary buyers do not pay attention to the warranty from a Smartphone that is purchased online. As a result, when the Smartphone had a problem and was about to be taken to the official service center of the Smartphone brand, the warranty was not valid.

You need to know that trusted Smartphone sellers always sell smartphones with an official warranty from the Smartphone brand. Avoid buying a Smartphone with a store warranty because usually the Smartphone cannot be guaranteed at an authorized service center. Therefore, choosing a trusted store is important to get a quality Smartphone with an official guarantee.

7. Contact Seller or Customer Service Clear

Another thing that must be considered before making an online Smartphone purchase transaction is to ensure that there is a seller or customer service contact that can be contacted. Try contacting the seller by asking a few questions. A good seller is sure to reply to messages from potential buyers.

When shopping at a marketplace or well-known Smartphone sales site like Erafone, there is usually a customer service or chat column to connect with the seller. So, if there are problems when receiving the purchased Smartphone, you can immediately complain to the seller.

8. Use Personal Internet When Transacting

Crime can happen anywhere. In fact, when you buy a Smartphone at an online store whose security is guaranteed, it doesn’t mean you can escape the threat of online crime. You still have to be vigilant when making online transactions, especially if you use public internets such as WiFi in cafes or malls.

The hacker usually utilizing WiFi networks in public places to commit data theft. So, use personal internet when you want to make online Smartphone purchase transactions. This private internet can be in the form of a data connection from the SIM card you use or WiFi at home.

9. Determine the Payment Method

After finding the right Smartphone and online shop, now is the time for you to make a payment so that the Smartphone can be sent immediately. Choose the payment method that is the most convenient for you. In fact, the transfer method is the safest from hackers.

Don’t forget to use a specific voucher code if you shop at a well-known marketplace or Smartphone sales site. Voucher codes will provide benefits for buyers. Shopping for a new Smartphone is more economical if you use a valid voucher code.

10. Select Shipping Method with Insurance

A smartphone is a valuable item. When buying smartphones online, you should choose a shipping method from a trusted courier. Also, add insurance to the shipping method you choose.

When adding insurance services, you will be charged additional fees. 

Those are some tips for buying Smartphones online that are safe and practical. As buyers, we must be smart in choosing an online store, especially when we want to buy high-value items such as smartphones.

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